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Broadhurst Financial's clients have achieved their success in different ways. Some are business owners, others are professionals, and still others are executives. But our clients are all very similar in what they expect from a financial advisor.

They know that most "advisors" are really salespeople. Wall Street brokerages, insurance companies, even bloggers and newsletter personalities provide advice, and in every case, their advice is colored by their sales-driven agenda. You can get lots of free financial advice but rarely can you get advice from someone who isn't trying to sell you something. Truly unbiased and impartial advice from a professional is actually quite difficult to find. However, you will find it at Broadhurst Financial Advisors.

Our clients insist on receiving professional advice that is truly unbiased from a firm that is focused on helping them meet their goals, period. They know that Broadhurst Financial is an independent firm, sells nothing but advice, and has no hidden agenda whatsoever.


Each Broadhurst client has unique goals and circumstances, and we take pride in delivering smart, unique solutions to each client. Client profiles help to tell the story.


As an entrepreneur and business owner, Jeff Broadhurst finds satisfaction in helping busy fellow business owners simplify their financial lives. Business owners appreciate our collective understanding of their unique challenges and busy schedules.

Here's an example....

Judy, age 63, had spent two decades building a successful software firm that helped drug manufacturers navigate the FDA approval process. She turned to Broadhurst when she decided it was time to slow down and plan for retirement.

Jeff helped Judy define her goals, create a plan and prioritize action steps. A key goal was crafting a successful exit and transition strategy. We didn’t just advise Judy, we worked side by side with her to help guide the transaction to a conclusion.

Working with our team of outside experts, we ensured that Judy was able to maximize the profit from the sale of her business. And we minimized taxes resulting from the sale, in part by setting up a donor-advised fund.

Like so many business owners, Judy had contributed incalculable sweat equity, and had constantly reinvested her profits into growth. She hadn't saved much for retirement. So it was critical that the sale proceeds be invested and managed wisely. It was vital to design a prudent portfolio withdrawal process. And it was essential to create a wealth transfer plan for her family. We worked closely with Judy to develop a comprehensive strategy that includes prudent investment allocation, a spending plan and estate planning for tax-efficient wealth transfer.


Many of our clients are attorneys, physicians and other professionals with little time to manage their finances. They appreciate their consultative relationship with Broadhurst Financial Advisors.

Here's an example....

Robert, age 42, was a successful professional—and an extremely busy one. Working 70 hours per week as a partner at a large law firm, he had accumulated significant wealth. But his assets were scattered among various brokerage firms.

With little time to manage his holdings, and even less of an idea of how his investments were performing overall, Robert turned to Broadhurst Financial. Analyzing his total household portfolio, we found significant opportunities to increase returns and reduce risk. What’s more, we identified and eliminated unnecessary expenses and tax inefficiencies.

We helped Robert consolidate his far-flung accounts, and the benefit was immediate: A 28% improvement in tax efficiency and a 63% reduction in investment expenses. Furthermore, by following our guidance, Robert created a risk-appropriate, globally diversified, tax-efficient portfolio of cost-effective institutional funds. As a result his portfolio now has a higher expected return with lower risk.

And Robert has reaped a windfall of time and energy. Not having to concern himself with numerous brokerage accounts, he is free to focus more on practicing law and enjoying his family.


Located in the shadows of Merck, Broadhurst Financial Advisors has helped many pharmaceutical executives to simplify their financial lives and transition to retirement.

Here's an example....

A vice president at a pharmaceutical company, David, age 54, needed help orchestrating a number of financial priorities. They included retirement planning, college planning, long-term care insurance and 401(k) investment selection.

A looming question for David: How to pay college expenses for his two high-school-aged children. With the benefit of a 40% tuition allowance through his employer, he had never opened college savings plans. David wondered if he should use loans to pay for the additional college expenses. If not, from where should he draw funds?

David also needed investment allocation advice on his 401(k). And given looming college costs, he was uncertain about how much he could continue saving for retirement. David’s swirl of questions would soon be replaced with clear answers.

In analyzing his household debt structure, we found that his home loan could be refinanced at a much lower rate while extracting equity. The resulting monthly savings provided crucial cash flow for college and retirement saving. Analyzing potential sources of funds for college, we found the best investments to sell first with the least tax consequence. We also found losses to harvest in order to offset the gains, which eliminated tax liabilities. In the process, we repositioned the investments in David’s taxable and retirement accounts in a way that reduced costs and increased tax efficiency.

Financial Advice

When you receive financial advice, it should be in your language—simple,
straightforward and clear. That's what we provide at Broadhurst Financial
Advisors, Inc. And our guidance is never swayed by commissions:
As a fee-only firm, our sole mission is to give you the best advice possible.

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We offer a complimentary "Get Acquainted" meeting to describe our services, and to see if our services are right for you.


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