Privacy Policy

The operator of this site is committed to protecting your right to privacy. Whether you are a current client or just visiting us online, we keep all confidential information secure.

This website is a great way for current and potential clients to find out more about our methods and services. It also offers visitors access to various financial tools, topical discussions and market information. Rest assured that when you visit this site no personally identifiable information is gathered without your knowledge.

By completing the Request Information forms, you are choosing to provide us with certain personal information. Additionally, if you send us an email, you are, by default, providing us with your email address.

The information requested on these forms is necessary to properly respond to your inquiry or required to open a securities brokerage account.

Any information provided will be reviewed and addressed by a licensed investment professional. This is necessary to help insure that your specific inquiry and/or account application is complied with in accordance with the laws and regulations of this state as well as securities regulation at the federal level.

When you visit the Account Access area of the website where registration is required, your browser will be provided a unique identifier known as a cookie. This is done by the service provider to assist them in tracking usage, preferences and other such statistical data. Information requested at the time of registration is maintained on secure servers at the host service location. These servers have carefully designed security procedures and practices to prohibit unauthorized access.

In the course of doing business we will collect and retain various types of client information through normal account related activities. Keeping your account information accurate is very important. If you should ever find that your account information is incomplete, please contact us immediately.